Friday, December 26, 2008

My birthday! 27 years young!

I had the best birthday. we were in Savannah, Ga with my brother and his family. We are staying with them until New Years day! We had so much fun spending time all together and the cake was awesome! I've never really liked cake, so John got me a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cake! It tasted just as good as it sounds, actually even better! Tyson loved the cake too! his hands were so cold because he wouldn't use his fork!


  1. YEA - I love the Christmas pic. enjoy your vacation!

  2. Time to update your blog, Joy! I want to read all about your life. :)

  3. Hey, Joy-Joy! I just became your follower. :o) So consider yourself stalked (ho ho). What a cute blog site. I have a feeling you're working more on your facebook though! I think I'll go there. Love ya!! Mom